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Story about the Birth of Lord Ganesh

Lord Shiva wanted to make it up to Parvathi very badly and agreed to put life back into Ganesha by putting the head of the first sleeping living creature that came in sight which was sleeping with its head to the north. He sent his soldiers to go in search of the creature. The first creature which came in sight was an elephant. So Lord Shiva re-created his son with the head of the elephant. Hence the trunk of Lord Ganesha.

Parvathi was still not totally happy with the deal and wanted more. Then Shiva granted Ganesha a boon that before beginning of any undertaking or task people would worship Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh has to power to remove any obstacles that come in the way of all true devotees. So before starting any new project or work it is good to pray to Lord Ganesh with all shradha and bhakthi for the successful completion of the task undertaken.

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