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Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja


Before starting the Pooja take a cleansing bath and wear clean clothes. Clean the place of worship, Ganesh idol or picture and all other pooja articles. Place a betel leaf or a clean plate before the god. Make a Ganesh vigraha with turmeric and water to from a thick dough and shape it with your hands. Place kumkum on it and decorate it with flowers. Decorate the idol also with flowers and grass (Arugam pul if available). Prepare the Prasad for Ganesh. Click here for Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes. Place the Prasad before the Lord on a banana leaf or clean plate. Plate fresh fruits and  coconut.

Light the lamp and start the pooja. Offer flowers, fruits and Prasad to the Lord while chanting Ganesh Chaturthi slokas. Click here for the Slokas. End the pooja by offering prasad to everyone.

The turmeric vigraha should later be immersed in water after completion of pooja on the final day.

The pooja should be started when Chaturthi sets in. It is also believed that moon should not be looked that day as that will bring bad luck for the whole year.

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